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Statistics on Area planted, Yield, Input use, Livestock size of herd, Farm and Holding size;

Agriculture Agriculture

Industrial Production

Performance of the industry, General business climate, Investment intentions, Capacity Utilization and Gross Output;

Industrial Production Industrial Production

External Trade Statistics in Zimbabwe

External trade statistics for the direction of international trade, Changes in Imports and Exports;

External Trade Statistics in Zimbabwe External Trade Statistics in Zimbabwe

Finance Statistics

Expenditure over GDP, Ratio budget deficit over GDP, Debt services ratio and savings over GDP;

Finance Statistics Finance Statistics

National Accounts

Statistics on National accounts., Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product;

National Accounts National Accounts


Statistics on prices, Consumer Price Index, Poverty datum line, building materials price;

Prices Prices

Employment and Education

Statistics on labour and education, employment status, economic activity, work related incomes, unemployment, enrolments, school attendance, level of education completed and literacy rates;

Employment and Education Employment and Education

International Migration and Tourism

Statistics on Tourists, Visitors, Day trippers, Immigrants and Emigrants;

International Migration and Tourism International Migration and Tourism


Environment statistics, measuring human activities and the natural events that affect the environment. Quality and availability of natural assets. temperature, access to clean water, land cover and living...

Environment Environment

Gender Statistics

Gender statistics are to ensure that all statistics are disaggregated by sex;

Gender Statistics Gender Statistics

Health and Vital Statistics Section

Statistics on Morbidity and Mortality and Vital statistics;

Health and Vital Statistics Section Health and Vital Statistics Section

Judicial and Social Welfare Statistics

Occupational injuries and prison Statistics and Crime Statististics

Judicial and Social Welfare Statistics Judicial and Social Welfare Statistics



New Symposium for Users and Producers of Statistics 2015

Central Business Register Inquiry Report 2013

Zimbabwe Statistics Data Portal

Download Statistics Act

Statistics Fact Sheet 2013
Compendium 2012

Quarterly Digest of Statistics

ZIMDAT is a database of indicators on areas such as Education, Agriculture, Nutrition..etc.



Download ZIMDAT








Zimbabwe Total Area......................390 757 km2
Population Census 2012................13 061 239

Literacy Rate as at   2014..............98%
Unemployment Rate (Broad) 2014.....11.3%


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Surveys in Progress

. Survey of Services (SS) 2013

. Rent and Domestic Workers Survey (Quarterly)

. School Fees Survey

.  International Comparison Program

.  Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey (ZDHS) 2015

. Visitor Exit Survey 2015/2016

. Consumer Price Survey (Monthly)

. Agriculture and Livestock Survey (ALS) (Agriculture Season 2014/2015)

. Census of Industrial Production  (CIP) (Annually 2014)

. Quarterly Employment Inquiry  (QEI) (Quarterly 2015)

. Volume of Manufacturing Index  (VMI) (Monthly 2015)

. Business Tendancy Survey  (BTS) (Tri-Annually 2015)

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