The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) supported by the World Bank is currently implementing the Rapid PICES Monitoring Telephone Survey (RPMTS) 2020. This a high frequency telephone survey to track the social, economic and welfare impact of the COVID19 pandemic on households.

This survey will provide critical information on the consequences of the pandemic on households and inform national discussions on what population groups may be affected most. It will provide the evidence base for any mitigation programs that may be considered. The World Bank is currently working with multiple statistical offices across the world to test and roll-out this survey tool.

The World Bank is providing support to countries to help mitigate the spread and impact of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). One area of support is for data collection to inform evidence-based policies that may help mitigate the effects of this disease.

In this regard, the RPMTS will aid in monitoring the socio-economic effects of this evolving COVID-19 pandemic in real time. These data will contribute to filling critical gaps in information that could be used by the Government of Zimbabwe and stakeholders to help design policies to mitigate the negative impacts on its population.

Following the decision by ZIMSTAT to suspend all ongoing face-to-face interviews in data collection, the Rapid PICES Monitoring Telephone Survey will require Enumerators to contact persons via the telephone.

The project will run on a monthly basis from June 2020 to February 2021, with the first round starting in mid-June 2020 and the follow up rounds in the subsequent months.

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency is seeking the support and assistance of the public during this important exercise.